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Benefits Of Being A Business Account On Instagram - For Restaurants

November 9, 2017

Why should you make the transition to an Instagram business profile? Here are some insightful reasons:




First and foremost, Instagram business profile hands you statistics on a silver platter.


Those stats provide super helpful insight into your social media efforts that a personal account just can’t touch.


The launch of Instagram Insights makes it easier to understand how you are doing on building up your Instagram profile. And you never have to leave the app.


Instagram Insights give you information about your total account metrics (including impressions, reach, website clicks, and profile views). You get info about your posts, followers, and stories, too.






Using an Instagram business account will also allow you to add contact information to your profile. I promise you it’s a valuable tool!


If you own a restaurant for example, you can add your store’s address to your Instagram account’s contact information. When someone finds your brand on Instagram, they can quickly and easily get directions to your store.  They don’t have to leave the Instagram app.


These quick contact buttons make it easier than ever for customers to get in touch with you, without having to copy and then paste your information outside of the app to complete the action. Ain’t that a relief!





Facebook organic reach for pages has gone downhill over the years. And Facebook does own Instagram now.


However, if you truly understand how to use social media for your business, the algorithm very rarely negatively affects you and your social media efforts.


Algorithm changes are often made to prevent spamming and folks who game the system. They aren’t put in place to directly hurt you as a small business owner.


Compared to Facebook, Instagram’s algorithm is far more personal. It places a heavy weight on an individual’s actions and interests. If your followers regularly interact with your content, you won’t be pushed out of their feeds. Posting high quality and engaging content is always the key to success on social media.




If you’re ready to get your hands on the features of an Instagram business profile, it’s easy to make the switch. Here’s how:


1) Open up Instagram and navigate to your profile page.


2) Click the Settings (three dots icon) on the top right.


3) Scroll down and choose Switch to Business Profile.


4) Select the Facebook page you would like to associate with your Instagram account.


5) Review your business’ contact information and click Done.


6) Start enjoying your new Instagram business account!




Your Instagram profile will instantly give you access to the extra features and start tracking your metrics. When you make the switch to an Instagram business profile, you won’t get metrics for posts made before the switch, but it will start to build up immediately.


If you don’t love the extra features of an Instagram business account then GOOD NEWS!  You can switch back to a personal account whenever you want!


Just go back into your Settings and choose Switch to Personal Account. But I have a feeling that you’ll fall in love with the extra features that make it easier to rock your Instagram strategy!






Source: ModernSoapmaking



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Benefits Of Being A Business Account On Instagram - For Restaurants

November 9, 2017

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